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Fab&Fierce Fitness

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Our online personal training is:


We specialize in a range of fitness options specifically for women by women. Reach your fitness goals in a safe and positive environment with the help of a female certified personal trainer.  


The consistent, positive results of your fully customized training will keep you motivated, coming back for more, and in the best physical and mental shape you can beWorking with your goals and capabilities in mind, we can focus on core strength, weight loss, balance, and more.

You won’t be just another person in an overcrowded workout class getting yelled at by a drill sergeant instructor. You’ll have a training partner to walk with you through your exercise journey.


Work out any time that is convenient for you using our online training tools. Receive your customized plan online and schedule your accountability check-ins with your coach when you’re available. We can keep in touch however you prefer — phone, text, and social all work for us!

In-home training: We also schedule in-home training appointments for a limited number of members in the DFW area. For your convenience, we come to your house AND provide all needed equipment!


Fitness – the Fab&Fierce way – isn’t about having six-pack abs, a body that looks great on the beach, or being able to complete an Ironman. It’s a state of mind. A process. A lifestyle. It’s about being fully alive – in your mind, body, and soul.

It’s FAB – as in “fabulous,” making the decision, taking the time, and putting in the work to become magnificent, exceptional, and extraordinary. Of looking the best you possibly can and feeling even better.

And it’s  FIERCE – that attitude that makes the difference between being merely good or the best, of having fire in your belly, and pushing yourself with all you’ve got to achieve your greatest goals. It’s about finding that certain edge we all have is we’re brave enough to let it out.

My goal for every Fab&Fierce Fitness client is that they reach all their goals. And that they know I’m totally committed to them and that I care just as much about them reaching their optimal fitness as they do.

Let’s get to it!


Jordyn Zenarosa — a personal trainer, Weight Loss Specialist, and Women’s Fitness Specialist certified by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) — is owner and founder of Fab&Fierce Fitness. Mature beyond her years, Jordyn has a loyal, growing family of clients who benefit from an array of in-person and online training options.

Jordyn offers a unique combination of professionalism and traditional training methods and philosophies with a fresh, innovative, cutting-edge approach to total and balanced fitness.

She measures her success by whether or not her clients achieve their utmost goals and in how many people she can help become fabulously and fiercely fit.


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