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Pricing & Services | Fab&Fierce Fitness
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One of the most appealing benefits of my workouts is that they’re completely customized: precise, practical, and personalized – no cookie-cutter courses or one-size-fits-all training templates. I also emphasize setting up an accountability system with my clients so that they can communicate with me personally as well as with the social media community. I work hard to keep my prices competitive, and I’m always willing to adjust workout programs based on changing client goals and lifestyle needs.


Here’s a list of services I provide:

  1.  “Becoming a Better You” plan-12 weeks (not customized) $200
  2. “Glorious Glutes” Workout plan (not customized) $60 
  3. Monthly Coaching (customized) $250 for the initial programming and $130 for subsequent months
  4. Monthly Nutrition guidance (customized) $100 for 4 weeks
  5. In-Home Training (Cities within 30 minutes of Sachse – Plano, Rockwall, Garland, etc. Exercise equipment provided,). $80 per 45 minutes session (limited availability)
  6. Group training (groups of 10 people or under) $25 per session (55-60 minutes), per person, (groups over 10 people) $20 per session, per person (limited availability). *In order to qualify for group pricing, there must be at least 3 people attending each session. If there is not at least 3 people in attendence, it will be charged as an individual, onsite session per person.
  7. “Workout with Me” email for more information

    “Becoming a Better You”
     focuses on different muscle groups on alternating days. For example, your workout for that day might focus on back and biceps and another day will focus on just legs. Each week includes 5-7 workouts, all focusing on a different muscle group.

All workouts currently require gym access. If a particular gym lacks a machine or piece of equipment, clients may access my Facebook/Instagram accounts or email me for a variation of an exercise that addresses the same muscle/muscle group. I’m currently creating a split workout version for home use which will list needed equipment (resistance bands, dumb bells, etc.)

            “Glorious Glutes” includes a package of 4 workouts with no set routine/split. You may also have the “Glorious Glutes” workouts incorporated into your customized workout split for an additional $25.

What’s included? 

  • Access to my fitness Instagram account, providing information about diet/training
  • 24/7 accountability and weekly check-ins with me
  • Sample grocery list
  • Tips on how to meal prep with a busy lifestyle
  • Nutrition guidance